Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What We Bring Back

The Chelsea Show was a revelation for the Society. Watershed. Or should we say a set of reused old wooden dilapidated shed cross beams. Our first impressions raised a lot of uncertainty. The artisan and smaller show gardens didn't impress from a Corpestian Method although from a traditional Western, post- classical, lush, technically complex, visually gratifying and superb applocation of space, shape, form and just sheer garden lust, it reigned supreme.

And then we entered the Main Pavilion. Here our first viewings gave hints of the Method alighting on corners, tucked into the nooks in the under stories. It was blended with a cool symmetry with the more traditional ( and less traditional- this is after all Chelsea) design features of water, stone, living sculptures ( see our photos below and in other postings) and Judge and VIP tables and benches strewn with drinks and chocolates and cheese.

But, the blockbuster was there waiting for outlast turn around the Pavilion. Here, confirmation of the reach of this new gardening movement found it's current masterpiece. We leave it to our intrepid consultants for further explanation in this week's blog entries.

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